Little one on the way

After a few weeks of feeling rather miserable, with 24/7 morning sickness and an appetite according to that and the fatigue that was exaggerated with not eating all that much, I’m starting to feel so much better. Thank God. Everything is for a good cause and this baby is so welcome to our family, her brothers are thrilled with the addition and my younger one can’t wait to become a big brother because he adores […]

Welcome 2014!

Happy New Year! 2013 was a good but a quiet year for us. We did a little bit of traveling, a lot of working, visiting friends and stayed healthy – which we are very thankful for – but there was not much action and I can’t really believe that there’s nothing that stands out. Apart from one thing, in late October I found out that in June next year we’ll be adding to the family! […]

Autumn colors

We went for a walk in the woods this weekend. It’s so refreshing, a bit chilly (around 5°c) but not very cold. The thing with low temperature in Iceland it feels much warmer than it sounds because the air is so dry. The athmosphere in the mainland is much higher in humidity so the cold can really sneak into your bones. I felt that when I was living in Denmark, never ever been as cold […]

Autumn chores

Summer ended officially today when we dissembled the trampoline in the backyard and placed it in storage in the garage. It has served well this summer, the boys have been active and I actually love jumping on it myself. One notices after just a couple of minutes that it takes a great deal of energy to jump there and it’s really amazing that kids actually spend hours there. Well, mine do. With bathroom and water […]

Best of summer

I did some instagramming this summer. One of my fave pics is this one, my hubby playing around with his bottle of water at our short picnic in east Iceland. The mountains in the back are called “Dyrfjoll” (door mountains) and are the most beautiful in Iceland – in my opinion. We once walked across them, 7 hr walk, just to find paradise on earth. You can find some pics from the walk at my […]

‘Tis the season…

Berries! Yes, it is the berries season! In the northern part of Iceland, where I live, the mountains are practically filled with these delicious special type of blueberries called Bilberries. They have a strong flavour, are full of anti-oxidants and vitamins and are as organic as they can get. And they’re wild and free, ofcourse! I already have 5 kgs in my freezer since last weekend, but I really have to go out and pick […]

The latest in Design and crafts in Iceland

The annual “Arctic handcraft and design” trade show / exhibition was held this weekend in the countryside of my town Akureyri, today being the last day. At the show designers and handicrafters from all over Iceland show and sell their work and the farmers sell their harvest along with dried fish, jams and organic juices. Much of the craft work celebrates the traditional working methods and contains very traditional material, made from sheep wool, fish […]

That sweet smell of routine.

What do I see in front of us? Routine! YES! As much as we desire to have a holiday and go on vacation, staying up late and sleeping in, nothing beats the feeling of the Routine, that silent, stable feeling of knowing what lies ahead of us and PLANNING is actually possible. The summer vacation is almost over. Kindergarten starts on Tuesday – they obviously know that kids need that Monday for getting their sleepie-time […]