I know say this every year but I just can’t believe how quickly time flies and this year is almost over! 2015 has been particularly nice to us. It started out cold and dark like every January in our region. That’s why we hold on to the Christmas lights almost throughout January, especially the plain white ones, because everything would otherwise be so dark and dreadful.


January through March is a perfect time to go skiing in Iceland, and Akureyri has a splendid ski area in a mere 15 minute drive, you could easily go skiing after work – that’s the type of luxury we take too much for granted. I used most of January and February, and March and parts of April to go skiing. I’m quite confident at it and I absolutely love it, it’s also very much “me time” like hubby has his during the golf season. I do like to take the boys skiing and my oldest, who is 11 years old, loves it too.


And then came Spring:

I’m telling you, Spring up here is like a very stubborn child trying to do things on his own and you just have to be really patient, you know he’ll get it eventually but maaaaan waiting for it to happen can seem like forever.

Being in such an isolated place like Iceland really is, an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, the need to travel abroad gets very intense. So 2015 has been very good traveling year for us. We’ve been to and seen new places and enjoyed a fair amount of sunshine, which is not so common when you live almost at the arctic. We went to Berlin Germany, Barcelona in Catalonia/Spain and Helsingborg in Sweden this summer. The kids loved being in the sun and went to the beach for the first time in their lives!

Berlin was wonderful, me and Hubby went there over a long weekend in April with his colleagues and we’ve never been there before. I love getting to know new cities even though I would have liked to spend more time at it. We did rent a bike and cycled from one end of the city to another like proper Scandinavians 🙂 The history is at every footstep and I admire the cities capability to face history and embrace different cultures.


I <3 the cherry blossoms, we don’t have them in Iceland and I miss them a lot in the springtime.

I’m hoping that we get to travel a bit next year as well, there are no big plans. Do you have any suggestions on destinations we should look into, as a couple or as a family? Please feel free to place your comments below.

Having a little person growing up from being a baby to becoming a toddler is another beautiful adventure this year has brought us. She’s unstoppable at everything she does, and she should be. She’s loves the daycare she started in September while I go to the design studio (which is conveniently at home, and the daycare is a 2 min walk from us, embarrassingly short walk) and work for approx. 6 hours. That’s our routine and it’s very convenient for the time being.


I have no doubt that 2016 will have new adventures for us and I can’t wait to find out what they are, all I know is time wont slow down. Lets hope not at least.