About NordicMum

Welcome to NordicMum. I’m Daia, an icelandic mum, living in the north just below the Arctic Circle.  I’m a mother of three beautiful children, also a wife and a graphic designer at Blek design studio which I founded in 2010 and I’ve been lucky to work with companies all around Iceland.


I studied at graphic design at Iceland Academy of the Arts, graduated in 2003 but I’ve been making websites as a profession since 1998. I started a blog in 1999 which I updated till 2006. Then social media arrived and everybody got tired of blogging. Now I have a feeling that people are retreating to their own personal space with a connection to all the different social platforms.


I met my husband in 1997. We got married in the spring of 2012. We’ve previously lived both in Reykjavik and in Denmark but decided five years ago to settle down in the northern part of Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle. Sounds cold but most of the time it’s just truly magnificent. We love our little town.

So life is rather busy but I love our routine and I try to enjoy every minute of it.

I’ll tell you about it whenever I can.

You can reach me on twitter, instagram and facebook.