After a few weeks of feeling rather miserable, with 24/7 morning sickness and an appetite according to that and the fatigue that was exaggerated with not eating all that much, I’m starting to feel so much better. Thank God. Everything is for a good cause and this baby is so welcome to our family, her brothers are thrilled with the addition and my younger one can’t wait to become a big brother because he adores his own big brother so much. 😉
So it’s week 25 right now. Only 15 weeks to go.


At 18 weeks when I was

At 18 weeks


Thing is, with this one being our third we don’t really have much to buy or take care of. We got a pram, a cot, lots of clothes and accessories – although most of them are blue-ish if this turns out to be a girl which is very likely (the doctor who did the ultrasound was not 100% sure) then my sisters both have 1-3 year old girls and we lend and borrow from each other. Lack of pink won’t be a problem. 😉
We also have a spare room in our house which will be turned into a baby room at some point and that will be very thrilling, I love decorating the house. There’s one thing we need though, a name. I thought that it wouldn’t be a problem since there are so many girls names that we adore, but choosing the right one is a puzzle. Maybe it will come to us when we meet her.