Birthday cakes – The great Nordic bakeoff ? How to make a themed birthday cake for boys and girls

Lets face it, when you have three kids, with three birthdays each year, you’re having a birthday party on a pretty regular basis and your kitchen looks like zone at the great bakeoff… I’m more than happy to give my kids a great party and I especially love baking a special birthday cake for them. And I’ve made a few in various themes such as Lightning McQueen cake from Cars, Harry Potter cake, Plants vs […]

A few tips for successful baking.

If you bake a lot then you probably know this, I wish I had known when I first started, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble (and some disappointing results too). This goes for most cakes and cookies but ofcourse you should always follow a recipe if its any different and precise. These tips are more like ‘between the lines’ tips. 1. Blend all ingredients at the same temperature. That means […]

Coconut balls

October will be a healthy month in this little home. Our plan is to skip sugar, wheat, corn and dairy – apart from butter, for these 30 days. Ok 31. The role model comes from Whole30 but it might not be as aggressive, my hubby did that in February (only 28 days, pah!) But still, it’s hard and will take great determination. For 30 days. So today, when I came home with my youngster a […]

Friday pizza

We’ve taken up the custom, accidentally really, to always have pizza on fridays. And with young kids, always means without exception! We have a couple of nice pizza places here but usually I make pizza myself, it’s quicker, cheaper, healthier and basically more fun. Three years ago I stopped making yeast dough for pizza because the yeast makes me feel bloated and uncomfortable, instead I use gluten free baking powder which I’m sure you’ll find […]