Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales,

Have you heard of Finnsdottir Ceramic Tales? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you anything (apart from pastel being ‘in’) since I have no involvement with them. Basically, I’m trying to gear into a lifestyle of only buying stuff that I really want. By that I mean I have thought about them for weeks or months and if after that time I feel that I need them or crave them, I let go of […]

Kids clothing

I’m like all moms probably, I love shopping clothes for my kids and looking at baby’s and kids clothes styles. What I look for in kids clothing is that they are first and foremost comfortable, made of soft fabrics preferably organic which don’t stretch with use, that they have a pattern that suit my kids figure and have complementing colors/graphics. I’m not looking for expensive clothes for my little ones mainly because they grow out of them too quickly, but for […]

Mr. Printables

I’m admiring the new calendar at the new mr. Printables shop. You can add little surprises in the paper boxes in shape of houses. Super cute and clever!

Decorations for christmas

When November starts I feel its time to start preparing for the holidays. I’d like to start earlier because the days leading up to Christmas I feel are the most enjoyable, the holidays in itself are enjoyable but there’s not nearly as much creativity going. I do love decorating the place and finding new adorable Christmas decorations either from designers around the world or easy DIY projects. A design team called Hafnir made this Christmas […]

Náttuglur / Night Owls

I have to show you these adorable creatures by Silja Kristjansdottir, she calls them Night Owls (Náttuglur). Each one is handmade and unique, made with love and care. Their expression is just too cute, with mis-aligned eyes and a smirky smile. I know kids love fondling their adorable ears and their multicolored tails. Náttuglur are mostly made out of reused fabric, shirts, dresses and other delightful material. The faces are sewn by hand, with extra […]

As we grow – a true classic

As I am expecting our third we know too well how clothes travel from one family member to another as the kids grow up. I’ve sent clothes to my nephews that my boys have grown out and received some too, which both saves money and the hassle of going shopping (note, I don’t mind shopping I just live in a town with a very scarce range of clothes) of and I have beautiful items that […]

The 150 year anniversary of Akureyri

At work we often get really interesting projects, or at least projects we like solving in an interesting way. After we had been operating for about a year we were asked to create the identity for our town’s 150 year anniversary. It was a 10 day celebration with various cultural events, from events made by kids at the kindergarten to art exhibitions and outdoor rock concerts. To find something which everyone can relate to was […]

Water sprout

  This one is simply too cute, made by Shahar Peleg