Snow blizzard day

Today has been very snow rich and windy. The weather forecast had warned last week that the weekend was going to be rough in our area us so we made preparations by doing some grocery shopping and cancelled events we had planned. This weekend was going to be a cozy indoor weekend. This morning people were basically requested by the police and rescue team to stay indoors, the roads would not be cleared till the […]

The Year 2015

I know say this every year but I just can’t believe how quickly time flies and this year is almost over! 2015 has been particularly nice to us. It started out cold and dark like every January in our region. That’s why we hold on to the Christmas lights almost throughout January, especially the plain white ones, because everything would otherwise be so dark and dreadful. January through March is a perfect time to go […]

A little nest

Spring always arrives later in Iceland than in other parts of Europe, some say about two months later than central Europe and even later here up north. This impacts both the flora and fauna when the frost doesn’t leave the ground till April/May. It’s not uncommon for the birds to lay eggs in late June so that’s what we found in grandma and grandpa’s back yard last weekend. A beautiful blackbird’s nest with five little […]

Minecraft costumes

A few days ago we celebrated Ash Wednesday. I don’t know how or if you celebrate it in your country but in my town here in Akureyri, Iceland it’s a grown custom for kids to dress up early in the morning, visit the companies in town and sing a song or two and get candy in return. My boys, aged 10 and 6 decided they wanted to dress up as their every day heros, namely […]

Make room

I’ve been fairly busy the last weeks, preparing the baptising of our youngest. We had around 80 guests so I was doing some of the baking and organizing till the very last minute. It didn’t stop me from turning the apartment upside down at the same time tho.. decided during the week it was time for the princess to have her own room, even though she’ll sleep in our bedroom for a little while longer, […]

First day of school

The day has finally arrived! The first day of school. Our little schoolboy will turn six on Sunday and he has been waiting for school to start for real for so long. He started to read when he was 4,5 years old and is a fluent reader. A couple of his friends from kindergarten will be in his class so we are hoping today will be the best day ever, he claimed so when he […]

Welcome baby girl

Our little girl was born shortly after noon on sunday June 22. It was such a beautiful day and she was so alert and awake. We were home the morning after and now, almost two weeks after she was born, it feels like she’s been around forever. It’s very common in Iceland that babies get their name announced at their christening which can be a couple of months after they are born but we decided […]

Hello, again

A while ago I decided to change the name for my blog. I’ve been blogging at for a while, with irregular intervals but I felt the name didn’t describe anything that people could relate to, it’s just a part of my nickname. So I registered and for the last few weeks I’ve been moving things over. If any of you are coming over from there I’d like to welcome you. 🙂 I also […]