Our little girl was born shortly after noon on sunday June 22. It was such a beautiful day and she was so alert and awake. We were home the morning after and now, almost two weeks after she was born, it feels like she’s been around forever.

It’s very common in Iceland that babies get their name announced at their christening which can be a couple of months after they are born but we decided to announce her name when she was a couple of days old, her name is Rakel.

Rakel is adjusting well to her new surroundings, drinks like a champ and delivers in her diaper like a pro. That’s how we roll these days.


The pregnancy went really well, atleast after the first 20 weeks – they’re still in a sort of blur because I just couldn’t hold anything down, morning sickness became 24/7 nausea and on top of that I had a really guilty conscience for not eating right for my little one. But as the second trimester passed I felt much better and as spring arrived I felt so much better and never felt as good as when the due date arrived. I could have carried that kid 10 more weeks really.



Two days past due date


June 21st at the botanical garden