I’ve been fairly busy the last weeks, preparing the baptising of our youngest. We had around 80 guests so I was doing some of the baking and organizing till the very last minute. It didn’t stop me from turning the apartment upside down at the same time tho.. decided during the week it was time for the princess to have her own room, even though she’ll sleep in our bedroom for a little while longer, say 5-6 years.. 😉 – so, move the computer out of the office space and into the TV space, put TV in living room downstairs which then meant selling the TV sofa. Yes, exactly the thing you should be doing when you’re expecting 80 guests in the same week!

Thankfully it all went according to plan so now I have two spaces to organize, dream projects really; a new office space and a girly room. How exciting! How overwhelmingly thrilling! I actually and literally don’t know where to start!

But ofcourse I know. Everything starts on pinterest these days.