The Christmas Garden

About 10min drive from my town, in the rural countryside, is a small hut beside the road, that is open all year and sells only Christmas decorations. The smell in there is divine, christmas carols are played in the background and while on the outside it looks like a very small hut, inside it has a grande staircase down to the cellar so actually the house is around 4x bigger than it looks like from […]

Mr. Printables

I’m admiring the new calendar at the new mr. Printables shop. You can add little surprises in the paper boxes in shape of houses. Super cute and clever!

Make room

I’ve been fairly busy the last weeks, preparing the baptising of our youngest. We had around 80 guests so I was doing some of the baking and organizing till the very last minute. It didn’t stop me from turning the apartment upside down at the same time tho.. decided during the week it was time for the princess to have her own room, even though she’ll sleep in our bedroom for a little while longer, […]

Decorations for christmas

When November starts I feel its time to start preparing for the holidays. I’d like to start earlier because the days leading up to Christmas I feel are the most enjoyable, the holidays in itself are enjoyable but there’s not nearly as much creativity going. I do love decorating the place and finding new adorable Christmas decorations either from designers around the world or easy DIY projects. A design team called Hafnir made this Christmas […]

Volcano effect

As you may or may not know, a volcanic eruption started in late August in the Icelandic highlands. Actually it was on my son’s 6th birthday August 31st. It’s been ongoing ever since and you can actually see it live on webcam here. It hasn’t interrupted our lives at all, since its quite far away, about 110km south from my town Akureyri far away from anything called civilization. Quite fortunate that! But then it started. […]

Pure cream for babies

One of the first items I put in my baby basket when I was preparing for the arrival were the baby & mommy products from Sola Urtasmiðjan. I used both the baby rash cream and mommy cream for sore nipples when my now 6 year old was a baby and they work like magic! I use the baby cream when I put a disposable nappie on my little one, any redness goes away. I don’t […]

Náttuglur / Night Owls

I have to show you these adorable creatures by Silja Kristjansdottir, she calls them Night Owls (Náttuglur). Each one is handmade and unique, made with love and care. Their expression is just too cute, with mis-aligned eyes and a smirky smile. I know kids love fondling their adorable ears and their multicolored tails. Náttuglur are mostly made out of reused fabric, shirts, dresses and other delightful material. The faces are sewn by hand, with extra […]

First day of school

The day has finally arrived! The first day of school. Our little schoolboy will turn six on Sunday and he has been waiting for school to start for real for so long. He started to read when he was 4,5 years old and is a fluent reader. A couple of his friends from kindergarten will be in his class so we are hoping today will be the best day ever, he claimed so when he […]