Skiing from top to shore

I got actual goosebumps watching this video which was shot on my peninsula. Jökull Bergmann runs a Heli-Skiing service, that is takes you to the top of some mountain of your choice where you ski down as far as you can, all the way down to the shore, no tracks or trees in your way. This video was shot by Warren Millen featuring ski stars Julia Mancuso and Jess McMillan along with the model Sierra […]

Sigur Rós concert in Hraundrangar

This has to be the most memorable concert I’ve been to.. ever! It was a Sigur Rós concert in July 2006, they were filming ‘Heima’ a documentary about their music and arranged gigs in various places mostly out in nature. This place, beneath the recognizable landmark ‘Hraundrangar’ mountains, is close to my parents house, only about 40 min drive. We heard about the gig the day before, we were actually spending some time at my […]


This is one of my favourite songs from this summer. Simple version of Beyonce’s Halo by icelandic band Hjaltalín. I think i’m responsible for at least half of the hits of this song on YouTube. Another brilliant performance from Hjaltalín is from their live cd/dvd Alpanon, recorded with The Iceland Symphony Orchestra in Háskólabíó, June 2010. “Suitcase Man” is a capturing mysterious song, I love it!

“Music is what feelings sound like”

On my 35th birthday last april my hubby gave me the Ólafur Arnalds cd which I had been longing for and listening to on youtube for a couple of weeks. Ólafur Arnalds is a great composer and storyteller through music, mixing piano and strings with beats so you don’t really know whether you’re listening to pop music or classical music. I love that mix. He’s from Iceland but I’ve never seen him live and he’s […]

“Home again”

Elton John’s new song “Home again” is so beautiful, loaded with longings, full of emotions. The video is very beautiful, the landscape here in Iceland plays a big part in the story as it evolves, somehow primitive like the little boys emotions, the memories. Love it. Elton John has been one of my favorite musicians since I started listening to music, a very sincere artist whos passion for music really shines through.

Camping in Iceland

Each summer we go camping somewhere in Iceland. We live on the north coast so our route is either east or west. Most of the time we head east because there’s more variety and the landscape is more appealing. Still, we have a lot of places left to visit on the west coast and the west fjords. Many people travel with tents and that’s quite easy because the camping areas are usually fairly clean and […]

Iceland’s current #1

This is the #1 song this summer. It’s actually a makeover from this song, from 1966. The name “Vor í Vaglaskógi” means “Spring in Vaglaskogur forrest”. Vaglaskogur is fairly close to Akureyri on the north side of the country, where we go camping atleast once each summer. The song is a romantic song, saying the dreams of those who stay in Vaglaskógur will come true. Well, mine have atleast. Here is a live version of […]

Akureyri: Cosy Town

It’s always interesting to find people who blog about my town. Simon Turner is an Englishman who lives in Reykjavik and during his visit up north he took some wonderful photographs of my little town that you should take a look at. His blog post is at: