This has to be the most memorable concert I’ve been to.. ever! It was a Sigur Rós concert in July 2006, they were filming ‘Heima’ a documentary about their music and arranged gigs in various places mostly out in nature. This place, beneath the recognizable landmark ‘Hraundrangar’ mountains, is close to my parents house, only about 40 min drive. We heard about the gig the day before, we were actually spending some time at my parents house because we had sold our apartment in Reykjavik at the time, had shipped *all* our stuff to Denmark where we would be spending the next 2 years. So in a way this was an emotional moment of enjoying the Icelandic nature and saying goodbye for now.

The concert started at about 20:00 and ended a little over 22:00. The admission was free and there was no service available. Nobody expected it either. I remember one police car observing the roads, that’s the only security I saw apart from a couple of yellow vested boys showing us where to park. And the parking lot was the nearby grass field. We brought blankets to sit on and stay warm with temperature around 10-15°c but clear sky and hardly any wind and then just enjoying the music and the sound echoing in the mountains and watching the sun hardly going down.

(pic at the top is from here)