What do I see in front of us? Routine! YES! As much as we desire to have a holiday and go on vacation, staying up late and sleeping in, nothing beats the feeling of the Routine, that silent, stable feeling of knowing what lies ahead of us and PLANNING is actually possible. The summer vacation is almost over. Kindergarten starts on Tuesday – they obviously know that kids need that Monday for getting their sleepie-time together, at least mine do, so tomorrow will be a nice little preperation of mindset.

And what a summer it has been. We were on a weekly long trailer trip in July, camping in the East of Iceland. The weather was amazing, which is not something to take for granted because it can have a huge effect on what to do and whether it’s t-shirt day or woolysweaters and mittens day. Yes that’s why we talk so much about the weather, it pretty much controls us.