The 150 year anniversary of Akureyri

At work we often get really interesting projects, or at least projects we like solving in an interesting way. After we had been operating for about a year we were asked to create the identity for our town’s 150 year anniversary. It was a 10 day celebration with various cultural events, from events made by kids at the kindergarten to art exhibitions and outdoor rock concerts. To find something which everyone can relate to was […]

Sigur Rós concert in Hraundrangar

This has to be the most memorable concert I’ve been to.. ever! It was a Sigur Rós concert in July 2006, they were filming ‘Heima’ a documentary about their music and arranged gigs in various places mostly out in nature. This place, beneath the recognizable landmark ‘Hraundrangar’ mountains, is close to my parents house, only about 40 min drive. We heard about the gig the day before, we were actually spending some time at my […]

The project of the year

One of the most exciting projects we did at work last year was to illustrate a children’s book by a popular TV star, rock star and a friend of ours “Villi Jóns”. He decided to write a book for kids about science, all kinds of science and “scientific experiments”. Villi’s Science Book would be the translation of the title; “Vísindabók Villa”. He contacted us, sent us the text he had written, which wasn’t very long […]

Autumn colors

We went for a walk in the woods this weekend. It’s so refreshing, a bit chilly (around 5°c) but not very cold. The thing with low temperature in Iceland it feels much warmer than it sounds because the air is so dry. The athmosphere in the mainland is much higher in humidity so the cold can really sneak into your bones. I felt that when I was living in Denmark, never ever been as cold […]

“Music is what feelings sound like”

On my 35th birthday last april my hubby gave me the Ólafur Arnalds cd which I had been longing for and listening to on youtube for a couple of weeks. Ólafur Arnalds is a great composer and storyteller through music, mixing piano and strings with beats so you don’t really know whether you’re listening to pop music or classical music. I love that mix. He’s from Iceland but I’ve never seen him live and he’s […]

The latest in Design and crafts in Iceland

The annual “Arctic handcraft and design” trade show / exhibition was held this weekend in the countryside of my town Akureyri, today being the last day. At the show designers and handicrafters from all over Iceland show and sell their work and the farmers sell their harvest along with dried fish, jams and organic juices. Much of the craft work celebrates the traditional working methods and contains very traditional material, made from sheep wool, fish […]

Akureyri: Cosy Town

It’s always interesting to find people who blog about my town. Simon Turner is an Englishman who lives in Reykjavik and during his visit up north he took some wonderful photographs of my little town that you should take a look at. His blog post is at: