One of the first items I put in my baby basket when I was preparing for the arrival were the baby & mommy products from Sola Urtasmiðjan. I used both the baby rash cream and mommy cream for sore nipples when my now 6 year old was a baby and they work like magic! I use the baby cream when I put a disposable nappie on my little one, any redness goes away. I don’t use the cream when I’m using cloth nappies both because I don’t have to and that the cream contains oils that can make the nappies repel, usually they do wash out though so I’m not very worried but I’m trying to eliminate the risk.

IMG_2237.JPGI don’t really use many baby products for the little one and the rule of thumb for me is that only products that are edible should be in contact with the skin. That goes for the salves from Sola Urtasmiðjan. Their ingredients are natural and organic, handpicked wild icelandic herbs from clean, pure air and unpolluted soil. Wild thyme, red clover, yarrow, violets, Iceland moss, lady’s mantle, angelica and more. All raw materials are 100% natural from the plant world i.e. cocoa- and shea-butter, unbleached beeswax, herbal oils and omega plant oils, all rich of necessary nutrients for the skin. All plant extracts, essences, preservatives and antioxidants are made from plants; herbs and fruit. Urtasmidjan uses no chemical products, no colorings, chemical scents, parabens, alcohol or petroleum based products like vaseline, petrolatum, paraffin or produce from animals.

They’ve been operating for the last 20 years and are one of the few products that I safely trust for my baby’s skin.