The project of the year

One of the most exciting projects we did at work last year was to illustrate a children’s book by a popular TV star, rock star and a friend of ours “Villi Jóns”. He decided to write a book for kids about science, all kinds of science and “scientific experiments”. Villi’s Science Book would be the translation of the title; “Vísindabók Villa”. He contacted us, sent us the text he had written, which wasn’t very long […]

The latest in Design and crafts in Iceland

The annual “Arctic handcraft and design” trade show / exhibition was held this weekend in the countryside of my town Akureyri, today being the last day. At the show designers and handicrafters from all over Iceland show and sell their work and the farmers sell their harvest along with dried fish, jams and organic juices. Much of the craft work celebrates the traditional working methods and contains very traditional material, made from sheep wool, fish […]


Have you ever felt a strong desire and longing for cushions? No, not really? Then you haven’t seen the notknot cushions by Ragnheidur Ösp / Umemi. They are just adorable little wool-warmers, weaved together to form well known knots and make any sofa look good. And they are hot, you can’t really open a design magazine these days without bumping into them (thank god they’re soft) in all those wonderful colors. The designer, Ragnheidur, was […]

Jón in color

He was our independence hero, his birthday is our independence day – June 17. His name was Jón Sigurðsson (1811-1879) and I remember how my grandparents spoke well of him, even though he was up well before they were. Now, designer Almar Alfredsson has made the most brilliant memorabilia, a replica of a copper plate from 1944 in caster, and in all the colors of the bow.