Tomorrow is New Years Eve. How exciting!

We plan to be at my inlaws for their annual New Years Eve feast. They live about 50km (31 mi) up north in a small town and we will stay over for the night, which our boys are keen on, they love sleepovers.

And it’s going to be a Feast with 24 people from his family. The menu contains icelandic game (duck, geese, reindeer (sorry Rudolf)) that the family members have hunted themselves out in the nature this autumn. We’ve taken on the part of bringing fruit/berries for desert and some entrees, since our 4 year old has an allergy to fish, so no seafood for him (although he can tolerate being around it). We’re bringing small slices of bread with tomato/mozzarella/basil plus mini pizzas for the kids.

But.. As always during winter you’ll never know when the weather puts a strike on your plans.

It would be okay any other day of the year, but this is the amount of snow they’ve had for the last couple of days and at this moment, and probably till noon tomorrow, the streets are absolutely blocked. Noone is going out.. or in.

This picture is taken in the town, just two streets above where my inlaws live. Massive amount of snow..


Even though we’re not that far away, we only have about 10-20cm (4-8inch) of snow which doesn’t require shovelling. But working through 2+ meters (6.5 feet) takes time and the Road Administration say they won’t start untill the snowing has stopped, which will be around noon on Dec 31.

Perhaps it’s time we took our own duck filets out of the freezer.