Happy new year!

Welcome 2013! May this be a year full of happiness and joy for you all! We had an amazing new years eve, one we’ll probably never forget. Our plan was to visit my inlaws for their annual new years eve feast, they live in a small town just up north, about 40 min drive on a good day. Monday was not a good day, it was pounding snow and rather windy. The roads were already […]

New Years Eve… big plans.. heavy snow!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. How exciting! We plan to be at my inlaws for their annual New Years Eve feast. They live about 50km (31 mi) up north in a small town and we will stay over for the night, which our boys are keen on, they love sleepovers. And it’s going to be a Feast with 24 people from his family. The menu contains icelandic game (duck, geese, reindeer (sorry Rudolf)) that the […]

The Startup Kids

I’ve been following them around online. The Startup Kids. I think it’s a brilliant idea, to go out and seek motivation through the camera lense. These two young women (probably my age, so I really should say girls) went around Europe and the US, interviewing startup founders and entrepreneurs on how they managed to start their company and make it grow. I started my own company in 2010 but we are mainly service based so […]

Highlights of 2012

2012 was overall an amazing year for us. On our way home on Jan 1st from celebrating new years eve with the family, we were talking in the car of what exciting things we should do this year. And we decided to get married! Come on, we’ve been engaged for seven years, since the christening of our firstborn, and started dating in 1997. That’s like 15 years ago..! So it didn’t only seem logical but […]

Christmas traditions

Christmas means back to basics for me. I usually go to quite length to make the christmas for my boys that I want them to remember basically because I’m so fond of my own christmas childhood memories. The christmas traditions in Iceland are quite strong, like they probably are in most other countries. But I think that being on an isolated island for so long (it was only post-WWI that Iceland in general got connected […]