Coconut balls

October will be a healthy month in this little home. Our plan is to skip sugar, wheat, corn and dairy – apart from butter, for these 30 days. Ok 31. The role model comes from Whole30 but it might not be as aggressive, my hubby did that in February (only 28 days, pah!) But still, it’s hard and will take great determination. For 30 days.

So today, when I came home with my youngster a bit earlier than planned, I made these coconut delicacies which will aid in bringing that sugar demon down when he wants to barge in.


Autumn colors

Autumn colors


We went for a walk in the woods this weekend. It’s so refreshing, a bit chilly (around 5°c) but not very cold. The thing with low temperature in Iceland it feels much warmer than it sounds because the air is so dry. The athmosphere in the mainland is much higher in humidity so the cold can really sneak into your bones. I felt that when I was living in Denmark, never ever been as cold as there.

But the autumn colors are really coming in strong these days, the obscure sunlight and the powdered mountain tops give the views a whole new dimension. Love it.


It almost looks christmas-y.



The pathway was getting filled with leaves.



My little Emil playing “Indiana Jones and the adventures in Kjarnaskógur..” haha..



A sun-watch on a hill watching over, showing rightfully 15:30 (we checked!)



My 9 yr old Daniel got thirsty and decided to take a sip from the freshwater creek. Amazingly he didn’t get wet at all, just the tip of his toes and nose.



A selfie in the woods.


Autumn chores

Autumn chores

Summer ended officially today when we dissembled the trampoline in the backyard and placed it in storage in the garage. It has served well this summer, the boys have been active and I actually love jumping on it myself. One notices after just a couple of minutes that it takes a great deal of energy to jump there and it’s really amazing that kids actually spend hours there. Well, mine do. With bathroom and water breaks.

But on Monday apparently it will start snowing.


Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 12.36.27 AM

“Music is what feelings sound like”

“Music is what feelings sound like”

On my 35th birthday last april my hubby gave me the Ólafur Arnalds cd which I had been longing for and listening to on youtube for a couple of weeks. Ólafur Arnalds is a great composer and storyteller through music, mixing piano and strings with beats so you don’t really know whether you’re listening to pop music or classical music. I love that mix.

He’s from Iceland but I’ve never seen him live and he’s been touring the world apparently, but he’ll be playing in Harpa, our new concert hall, in october at the Iceland Airwaves music festival. I might have to get me a ticket.

That last one is called “Lag fyrir ömmu” or “song for grandma” and you need to listen to it all the way through! It brought me to tears..

Best of summer

Best of summer


I did some instagramming this summer. One of my fave pics is this one, my hubby playing around with his bottle of water at our short picnic in east Iceland. The mountains in the back are called “Dyrfjoll” (door mountains) and are the most beautiful in Iceland – in my opinion. We once walked across them, 7 hr walk, just to find paradise on earth. You can find some pics from the walk at my flickr page.