Berry season

Now it’s the season to go picking berries! We have a variety of wild berries here on the north coast, mainly three types of blueberries, my favorite type are called bilberries and we try to pick as much as possible before the nighttime frost ruin them. Harvesting berries in late july & august is a very common tradition in Iceland and in fact one of the few sources of vitamin c (along with root-vegetable) that […]

Welcome baby girl

Our little girl was born shortly after noon on sunday June 22. It was such a beautiful day and she was so alert and awake. We were home the morning after and now, almost two weeks after she was born, it feels like she’s been around forever. It’s very common in Iceland that babies get their name announced at their christening which can be a couple of months after they are born but we decided […]

A handknitted woolen sweater for each newborn?

How cute is this ?  The municipal leader in a small community in the West fjords, a woman named Andrea, was worried last year that no child would be born in the community so she promised, as kind of a joke to her friends, that she would knit each child born from now on a woolen sweater. The town of 270 inhabitants are now experiencing a baby boom!  She stuck by it and has in […]

Taking care of children in Iceland

I came across this article in the Guardian the other day, about child death rates in the western world for children under five. My country, Iceland, happens to have the best outcome of all countries with the rates 2.4 per 1000 while the UK has a ratio of 4.9 and the US a staggering 6.6 per 1000. While the articles focuses mostly on public health care and financial status of parents in the UK, I’m […]

Hello, again

A while ago I decided to change the name for my blog. I’ve been blogging at for a while, with irregular intervals but I felt the name didn’t describe anything that people could relate to, it’s just a part of my nickname. So I registered and for the last few weeks I’ve been moving things over. If any of you are coming over from there I’d like to welcome you. 🙂 I also […]

As we grow – a true classic

As I am expecting our third we know too well how clothes travel from one family member to another as the kids grow up. I’ve sent clothes to my nephews that my boys have grown out and received some too, which both saves money and the hassle of going shopping (note, I don’t mind shopping I just live in a town with a very scarce range of clothes) of and I have beautiful items that […]

The 150 year anniversary of Akureyri

At work we often get really interesting projects, or at least projects we like solving in an interesting way. After we had been operating for about a year we were asked to create the identity for our town’s 150 year anniversary. It was a 10 day celebration with various cultural events, from events made by kids at the kindergarten to art exhibitions and outdoor rock concerts. To find something which everyone can relate to was […]

Skiing from top to shore

I got actual goosebumps watching this video which was shot on my peninsula. Jökull Bergmann runs a Heli-Skiing service, that is takes you to the top of some mountain of your choice where you ski down as far as you can, all the way down to the shore, no tracks or trees in your way. This video was shot by Warren Millen featuring ski stars Julia Mancuso and Jess McMillan along with the model Sierra […]